Team Admin App Guide


Log into your account using your username and password.


Once logged in, you’ll be brought to the ‘Matches’ page.

The app ‘by default’ will only display matches within 3 days of the match date. 

To show all matches, click on the button circled blue in the image above.

Now click the button which is circled black in the same image above.

This will bring up the 'Match Overview' page as shown below.


Click the red 'Enter Score' button, shown above. 

This will bring up the score entry page, as shown below.


You are responsible for inputting both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ scores as circled above.

Make sure 'Final Score' is selected in the 'Type of Score'

Once complete, click the red 'Update' button.


Now you have updated the scores, the next task is to enter the player statistics, Again, you are responsible for entering statistics for both 'Home' and 'Away' players.

Starting with the Singles, click the blue ‘Singles’ button, as shown above.

This will then bring up the 'Game Scoresheet' shown below.


From the drop down menu (circled blue above) select the players, then click the button for whichever player won the frame (example, circled black for Player A)

Once all frames have been entered, click the red 'Update' button.

Next enter the scotch doubles, click the blue ‘Scotch Doubles’ button shown in 4A, enter the Players names and scores in the same way as you did the ‘Singles’

and again, click the red ‘Update’ button to confirm.

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